The Biidaaban Healing Lodge

Everyone deserves high quality treatment in an environment which promotes security, respect and freedom to be oneself.

Anger Solutions Program

This program will educate and empower participants to make the right choices about their anger.

Grief & Abandonment

A ten day program designed to give clients a comprehensive understanding of the stages and cycles of grief.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Program

This program will provide a safe, supportive environment in which clients will examine the impact of sexual abuse.

Biidaaban Outreach Services

Providing training, educational seminars, workshops, mobile treatment programs and traditional hands on workshops.

The History of The Biidaaban Healing Lodge

In the early 1980’s, the disease of Alcoholism was the primary problem faced by many of the First Nation families and communities. There was a movement of aboriginal people accessing drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities that failed to acknowledge our different approaches to life.

Respect the
freedom of one's self

The Biidaaban Healing Lodge is a 12 unit facility that provides the Aboriginal population in the Robinson-Superior Area with Residential and Community-based Programming. We are located in the Ojibways of Pic River First Nation on the shores of Lake Superior. Pic River is approximately a three hour drive east of Thunder Bay and three and one-half hour drive west of Sault Ste.Marie on Hwy 17.

Biidaaban Healing Lodge Update: Upcoming Residential Program Dates


January 8-18-20 2023 Grief & Abandonment

January 29-February 8, 2023, Grief & Abandonment

February 26- March 4,2023, Anger Solutions

April 16-26, 2023, Sexual Abuse Survivors

May 3-13, 2023, Children of Trauma

June 4-14, 2023, Grief & Abandonment

July 14-21, 2023, Anger Solutions

August 13-23, 2023, Grief & Abandonment

September 10-20,2023 Sexual Abuse Survivors

October 13-20, 2023, Anger Solutions

November 1-10, 2023, Grief & Abandonment

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