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Pic River First Nation via
Heron Bay, ON P0T 1R0
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Stephanie Moses


Aaniin. My given name is Stephanie Moses. My spirit names are Yellow Cloud Thunderbird Claw Woman and Rainbow Woman. I have been employed at Biidaaban Healing Lodge since August 2017. I work as a Cook at the lodge. I come from the Biitigong Nishnaabeg First Nation formerly Pic River First Nation. Being the Cook is a reward in itself. It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to work for the Clients. I know I’m doing an excellent job when the compliments come in. Every program someone wants to take me home. I absolutely love preparing the meals. I like serving large crowd meals. I get to try different recipes. Most times my recipes turn out great and are very tasty. Along with all of this comes the cleaning of the kitchen and dining areas. I participate in other activities. I join in on our staff meetings and staff activity days. These are very good days. Team building is very important in any organization. I have had the pleasure of participating in Grandmothers {rocks) and Grandfathers {rocks} harvesting that are used in our sweat lodge. I have participated in plant harvesting. I made Balsam Fir Essential Oil. I have a keen interest in our plants. I also do a Community Kitchen Program once a month. Biidaaban Healing Lodge has given me the opportunity to grow. It has enabled me to get some of my gifts. One teaching I have learned is that the gifts are not ours to hold. We must use them. I’m using my gifts more now than ever before. It is within myself to find my “True Authentic Nishnaabeg Being”. I like to try new things. I look forward to the many opportunities that may lie ahead of me. Chi Miigwetch {Thank You} for your time. August 2020.

Anger Solutions Program

This program will educate and empower participants to make the right choices about their anger.

Grief & Abandonment

A ten day program designed to give clients a comprehensive understanding of the stages and cycles of grief.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Program

This program will provide a safe, supportive environment in which clients will examine the impact of sexual abuse.

Biidaaban Outreach Services

Providing training, educational seminars, workshops, mobile treatment programs and traditional hands on workshops.