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Sharon Desmoulin, S.W.

Sharon has walked her spiritual path for over 32 years. She is from the Turtle Clan and her helpers are Grandmother Turtle and the Thunder Beings. She started fasting at Dreamer’s Rock, where she was gifted a sacred pipe. She has led the Full Moon Ceremony for over 25 years, where women and children gather to share and receive teachings of the full moon and blessings of the sacred water. She has a lot of experience in many special ceremonies, strawberry fasting for the young women who are walking into womanhood, spiritual healing circle, conducting sacred circles. She also participates in doctoring ceremonies with her eagle fan for people who are seeking healing for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual illness. She prays for Mother Earth with the water ceremony and has attended many medicine gatherings.

Sharon Desmoulin has worked as a facilitator, residential counsellor for The Biidaaban Healing Lodge since 1999. She has dedicated her career too promotion of individual, family, and community healing.

Anger Solutions Program

This program will educate and empower participants to make the right choices about their anger.

Grief & Abandonment

A ten day program designed to give clients a comprehensive understanding of the stages and cycles of grief.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Program

This program will provide a safe, supportive environment in which clients will examine the impact of sexual abuse.

Biidaaban Outreach Services

Providing training, educational seminars, workshops, mobile treatment programs and traditional hands on workshops.