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Pic River First Nation via
Heron Bay, ON P0T 1R0
Tel: 807-229-3592

Jodi Desmoulin

Residential Counsellor

Jodi is a Residential Counsellor at Biidaaban Healing Lodge who works with people from all walks of life, no matter where they are in their journey to self-healing.

Jodi knows beautiful people, like you and her, who have reached goals and who continue to strive for them – especially change. Jodi believes the healing journey comes from courage and bravery that all people are gifted with. Jodi treasures each opportunity that is spent working with clients and colleagues alike. Jodi practices from a person-centered approach and values the dignity and worth of all people.

Jodi is honoured to walk with those who are on their journey to holistic health and well-being, and recognizes the vulnerability in that on-going and unique process. Jodi personally knows how difficult and intimidating healing can be; and has boundless respect and love for everyone, no matter where they are in life. Jodi wholeheartedly values and understands that we as humans make mistakes, and believes all are deserving of redemption and recovery.

Jodi obtained a social service worker diploma from Confederation College in Thunder Bay, ON, and went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree at Lakehead University.

In addition to Jodi’s work-related self, she also has endless amounts of love for her nieces and nephews, her dogs and those she loves and cares for. Jodi loves being by the water, sunsets, star-gazing, laughing and Netflix – Grey’s Anatomy is something she can watch on repeat.

Anger Solutions Program

This program will educate and empower participants to make the right choices about their anger.

Grief & Abandonment

A ten day program designed to give clients a comprehensive understanding of the stages and cycles of grief.

Sexual Abuse Survivors Program

This program will provide a safe, supportive environment in which clients will examine the impact of sexual abuse.

Biidaaban Outreach Services

Providing training, educational seminars, workshops, mobile treatment programs and traditional hands on workshops.