Our Principals

  • That everyone deserves high quality treatment in an environment which promotes security, respect and freedom to be oneself.
  • That we will work together to ensure physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness among Aboriginal People.
  • That The Biidaaban Healing Lodge will work collectively with all Robinson-Superior Treaty Nations And Peoples to facilitate individual recovery, family healing and community rehabilitation.
  • That all communities possess the power to contribute to the development of the programs offered by the Biidaaban Healing Lodge.
  • That all First Nations People have access to relevant information with respect to the Biidaaban Healing Lodge.
  • That all Native People deserve to be serviced by their own people and where possible lodge staff will be of First Nations background.
  • That it is essential to take into account the families and the communities of the client to heal the whole self. Therefore, it is the Belief of The Biidaaban Healing Lodge that the Family and Community be recognized as an essential part of a clients recovery process.
  • That the provision of aftercare services and support programs at the community level is key to the recovery process and therefore the delivery of an aftercare program is an essential part of the services we provide.
  • That all staff employed by The Biidaaban Healing Lodge have a strong commitment to personal healing and recovery.