Grief & Abandonment Program

A ten day program designed to give clients a comprehensive understanding of the stages and cycles of grief, how grief and loss have impacted their lives, and tools for dealing with grief.

Takes a look at patterns of grieving How grief as children effects us as adults Historic perspectives of loss Defines a grieving process that is right for me Letting go ceremonies Moving beyond depression Rebuilding me after a loss Positive and negative effects of grief How we deal with grief vs. healthy ways of grieving Developing a plan to promote continued growth and healing as it relates to my losses Self-care and grief – finding a balance in looking after ourselves and helping others.

Program: Grief and Abandonment
Duration of Program: Ten Days
Target Group: Male and Female Adults (max. 8 each)


  1. Some understanding of grief and it’s impact.
  2. Desire to work on grief related issues. 
  3.  Willingness to actively participate in aftercare and follow-up as requested by lodge staff.


  1. To take an honest look at the major losses in our lives and how those losses have impacted us.
  2. To participate in exercises aimed at letting go of the hurts associated with those losses. 
  3. To take part in one to one counseling, peer support, and group therapy as it relates to our grief issues, and holistic healing model.
  4.  To develop an aftercare plan to assist in further recovery upon completion of the program. Individuals who attend this program should expect to participate in group therapy, role playing, journaling and writing classes.

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